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Master Food Brokers Representing the Food Manufacturer in the Chicago Illinois and Wisconsin markets for foodservice sales, retail and marketing.

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Master Food Brokers, Inc.
Master Food Brokers are speciality food brokers in the midwest markets.
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Master Food Brokers Inc.

What is a Food Broker?

From a rich history that can be traced back hundreds of years, the food broker has evolved from a solitary individual soliciting buyers for merchants' wares to sophisticated organizations that can range in size from a small niche or specialty food brokers to a regional company employing hundreds.

Regardless of size, specialty or market location, a specialty food broker continues to share a common objective: to effectively sell for the principals they represent and to contribute value-added functions for the customers they serve.

A food broker is the foodservice sales and marketing arm of a Food Manufacturer. The food brokers must create demand for the products supplied by the food manufacturer. They become the local market experts as they have local knowledge and access to all levels of distribution. They assist the Manufacturers' Research and Development teams by advising them of the specific local needs of the distributors, the food service operators, and their customers. The broker can have a significant impact upon product development, merchandising toolsand customized sales programs in the local market.

Master Food Brokers, Inc., offers exceptional local knowledge together with access to all levels of distribution in our market. We are a top performer in the category of Food Service Brokers in Illinois. Our experience includes working with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier distribution companies, multi-unit operators, and single unit foodservice accounts. Our current lines include Sugardale, Awrey, Popchips and Amoy Foods USA.

RW BakersRenewal Spring Water
Master Food Brokers represents The Hain Celestial Group
Kettle Chips
Diamond Brands
Wicks Pies

What makes us different - Our experience. Our relationships. Our commitment to results.

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